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,000? >> it's important to note, other departments like the san francisco unified school district factor into their budgets payments for broadcasting. >> i only reason i ask that is i know that the housing authority has had trouble paying off judgments and other things so it's not flush with cash. >> they have an annual operating budget of $210 million. >> in terms of location, and i think televising commissions is a very positive and good thing. i very much am in favor of it. in fact, radio is good too, when we were back to kpoo. the difference between 440 turk and city hall, is there a down side to having it at city hall? >> i don't think there's any down sides to having it at city hall, in fact, for us only upsides. it's easily accessible and broadcasted live, and i think that what we heard from the residents would feel more comfortable coming here. >> thank you. that's useful >> thank you very much. >> thank you. >> so i do have some public comment cards. i will call people up. sharon hewitt, who had to leave. want today noted she was here. robert woods. robert weber, karen huggins
of the settlement agreement in the amount of $35,000. in the matter of al verses san francisco unified school district, the vote of 6 ayes and one absent wins, approved the terms of the settlement agreement of the amount of 28,400. ethe board of education by six aye and one absent wins the approve of one intent to dismiss a certified certificate employee two accounts were approved by a vote of six ayes and one absent of wynns and two were approved by a vote of 4 aye and two nays and maufus and murase and two absent. >> item u, no other staff reports tonight. and in adjournment, i would like to adjourn in memory of gloria donahu, retired secretary, and administrative support from school operations. glora passed away on october 14th, after suffering a stroke visiting lake tahoe. at her side was her daughter as well as her niece, nephew, grand niece and several other living family members. glora gave this district, loyal and dedicated service for more than 20 years. she worked in the high school division for mean years under the leadership of greg bender, quinn chan and jim quinn and frank tom.
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3 (some duplicates have been removed)

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